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Due Diligence.

As many of our clients are looking at real estate from an investment standpoint, Triad Land Surveying is proud to announce a new service which will make the gathering of information much easier. We merely call it “Do Your Homework.”

Whether you are a residential or commercial real estate developer, agent or broker, banker or mortgage broker, commercial corporation with limited real estate department resources or just an individual investor, our service will save you time, money and resources, not to mention provide anonymity, if required.

A complete real estate package or just the items you need to make a decision. The choice is up to you.

Services can include research for any or all of the following when available for your specific project. Conversations with the various agencies will include a written log indicating date, name, position and phone # and actual conversation regarding your specific project:

  • Aerial and topography maps
  • Deeds of record – property & adjoiners
  • DENHR – Department of Environmental Health & Resources
  • Easements of record
  • Erosion/Flood/FEMA
  • Engineering Department
  • Inspections Department
  • NCDOT – highway, roadway plans
  • Planning Department
  • Plats of record
  • Photos of site and adjoiners
  • Public Works Department
  • Tax Cards of record; tax mapping
  • Utility Plans – Water, Sewer
  • Watershed
  • Zoning Department – present or potential

*Fees vary depending on # of services & location of project